IMPORTANT: the following instructions are only applicable for books in the MOBI format. Additionally, we do not recommend Kindle applications, such as those hosted on iOS, Android, or Fire devices, due to their handling of footnotes.

Method 1: Send your book to your Kindle using your Kindle email address

  1. Navigate to your Amazon account’s Content and Devices 01_Manage_content_and_devices.gif
  2. Click on Preferences, then scroll down to the section called Personal Document Settings 02_Navigate_to_Preferences.gif 03_Find_Personal_Document_Settings.gif
  3. Add your email address to the subsection called Approved Personal Document Email List 04_Add_to_Approved_Personal_Document_Email_List.gif
  4. Find your address in the subsection called Send-to-Kindle Email Settings 05_Copy_Send-to-Kindle_E-Mail_Address.gif
  5. From your normal email address, email your book (MOBI format only) to your Send-to-Kindle address. Your book will arrive in a few minutes!

Method 2: Transfer via the Send to Kindle app

The Send to Kindle app works on Chrome browsers, desktop (PC & Mac), and Android devices. To get the app that works best for you, click here.

For desktop users, here’s how to install Send to Kindle:

  1. Ensure your Kindle is connected to a WiFi network. Click here for help.
  2. Download and install the Send to Kindle app for Mac or PC. Open it, and then log into your Amazon account when prompted by the app. stk-01.gif
  3. With the Send to Kindle app open, drag and drop your Prismatext MOBI file onto the Send to Kindle app. stk-02.gif
  4. Select your Kindle under Deliver To, and hit send.

Method 3: Transfer via USB

If you prefer to connect your Kindle to your Desktop computer via a USB cable, follow these steps.

  1. Plug in your Kindle to your Desktop computer via USB.
  2. Open the Kindle drive that appears automatically and navigate to the Documents folder inside.
  3. Drag and drop your Prismatext MOBI file into Documents folder on your Kindle.